Frequently Asked Questions

You can always drop us your questions and will respond within a few hours

Jobs are distributed to thousands of candidates through daily job alert emails, and instant SMS job alerts, in order to find you the most qualified candidates as quickly as possible.
Our promotion currently allow up to 3 job listings
No. Each job ad is for one job available. A single job ad will give more details to a potential job seekers such as salary, position, date to apply, location, etc...
Yes. For a small fee, we'll post it for you. However, you must provide us the job details such as position, salary, location, etc...
Our system crawls any public job listings on the web and automatically sent to you. However, you may decline and ignore the email.
No. Each job post last for 30 days. You may renew the same job listing for another 30 days by login to your user Dashboard.
Sabay Jobs is secured with an SSL. Please read more on our Privacy Policy page
Due to a high volume of spams, Sabay Jobs will remove them from your job post description box.
We'll never sell your information to any third parties.
We'll have them available in the near future
You may complete a contact form or chat with us via Whatsapp link on the Sabay Jobs' website.
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